Delia's Bonsai and Magnolia State Nursery

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 Our History:         

     Delia's bonsai and magnolia state nursery is a family owned nursery and garden center business that was started in 1947, which included a full service florist and landscaping department. In time a large section of the nursery was devoted to bonsai and upon my retirement in December of 1998 the business was down sized to a hobby business, specializing in starter plants, beginner pre bonsai, and aged one of a kind bonsai.

      I'm Tommy Delia, a nurseryman by birth and graduate horticulturist along with my bonsai designer wife Judy Delia. We grow and maintain all of our plant material at our nursery in Hattiesburg Mississippi. We are State and Federal inspected and ship only to the continental United States. Most of our joy comes from letting travelers passing by on highway 49 stop and walk through our nursery.

Bonsai History:

      Bonsai are miniature trees grown in pots. The aim of bonsai culture is to develop a tiny tree that has all the elements of a large tree growing in a natural setting. This look is achieved, principally, by branch and root pruning and shaping, but other factors are also important. The texture of the trunk, its look of age, the moss and under-plantings in the container, all contribute to the illusion of a miniature tree as it is seen in nature.

     Trees found growing naturally in the rocky crevices of high mountains may live for a century or more, yet remain dwarfed throughout their existence. Wind-blown gnarled and twisted, their weather induced appearance captivates our respect for their life struggle against adversity brings out qualities not seen in other trees. When grown in appropriate containers, they become a form of living art that everyone can enjoy. These dwarfed, potted trees are the famous "bonsai" of Japanese origin.

     The word "bonsai" pronounced "bone-sigh," literally translated means tray planting or a tree in a dish. It appears in Japanese writings in the year 1310, even through the practice of growing such trees probably originated before the eleventh century in China when it was called "p'en tsai," Today when we use the term "bonsai," we mean the ancient art of dwarfed potted trees.

     Bonsai are woody plants normal in every way, except size. They have been artificially dwarfed and shaped so they can spend their lives in pots. For example, a maple tree that would grow to 100 feet tall in the forest will, as a bonsai, stand only a foot or two tall in its pot. 

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